The Saltwater Fly Rod - DVD

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The Saltwater Fly Rod by Ken Preston


Why settle for a saltwater fly rod made in a factory when you can build your own? This DVD will show you how! 93 min.
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If you love fly fishing for saltwater fish & have always wanted a custom rod, there's an easy solution: build your own! Master Rod Builder Ken Preston will guide you through all the steps you need to make your own beautiful saltwater fly rod in only a few days. Everything you need to know to build one of these beauties is right here.

These are a lot of books & videos showing how to build generic fishing rods. But this video looks at those things that are unique to the saltwater fly rod, from saltwater safe components to choosing the proper fighting butt. And if you're a beginner who doesn't know where to start, this video has a component & tools list for your first rod!

Hello, fellow fishermen, rod builders & gift-givers! My name is Ken Preston. I'm just over the half-century mark with 45 of those years spent engaged in chasing fish, occasionally even capturing a few for the table. Ocean to puddles, there is nothing too small (or too large) to hold the promise of a fish.

I've been designing, building, & repairing rods now for myself & friends for about 25 years. I've had the opportunity to travel fairly extensively through the Far East & Oceania with 10 years off and on in Australia. I've been afforded the opportunity of exchanging ideas with builders from England across the United States to Japan.

I have built custom rods for Charter Captains on the Chesapeake Bay, including the vice chairman of the Nat'l Charter boat captains association, blue water Wahoo and tuna chasers, long distance surf casters, as well as some folk who participate in Sweetwater bass angling tournaments & trout anglers. My goal is to share as much knowledge as I can in the most easily digestible formats possible. With help from friends, I've established a fairly extensive "how to" build & repair fishing rods web site, and I can be found using my real name on several of the most popular internet rod building sites. I participate whenever I can in seminars on rod building and a few of the outdoor expos on the East Coast.

I think you will find the video informative and easy to understand. Rod building as a hobby or a business can be a rewarding life long pursuit. I hope this DVD will help you over and over again along the way. Happy Building! Ken Preston.

Ken Preston is a master rod builder & lifetime fisherman who has been creating custom fishing rods for over 25 years. He has made fishing rods of every conceivable type for fellow fishermen. Ken has been published in Rodmaker Magazine, and is very active in the fishing & rod building communities. Now you can experience his great techniques on this DVD! Learn from a Master!

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