Ari 't Hart / John Betts Aras Fly Reel

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Ari 't Hart / John Betts Aras Fly Reel

Condition: Mint

Description: The John Betts Aras reel. Forty reels were made in this very limited edition run. Right or left hand retrieve. The reel features a screw-off backplate, inside of which two tippet dispensers are housed, both with a capacity of 80yds of 6x tippet. Also incorporated into the backplate is a flip-out compartment which is intended to house dry fly floatant grease.

This was also Ari's first reel featuring the canted-forward foot design. 2 3/4" diameter / 6.1 oz. Capacity is a WF5 & 50 yards of 20# backing.
The reel also comes with its original camera-type case with Ari logo.